Neo Artwork - Favorite Outfit (4 Pics)

Now this suppose to be me with the latest haircut in my favorite jacket and scarf. I actually had a mirror in front of me for this artwork, but it turns out that it doesn't look like me at all. Seems that I need more practices and references.

Jacket5, Fav Jacket

Neo Artwork - Lil Sis (4 Pics)

Well recently I got addicted in trying to do portraits in cartoon/anime style. So this is my latest work  for my little sister since she requested it, no reply yet though. I did have a photo as a reference. This time I did an experiment using 'fill' in Photoshop to fill in the flower motif on the baju kurung.

Jiah3, Jiah

Neo Artwork - Mawar

For someone special~ =)

Mawar2, Mawar2

Neo Artwork - Self Potrait (5 Pics)

Hi there. It's been a long time since I've last posted something here. It's not that I changed hobby or something. It's just that time isn't a privilege that I have, and I just don't have the liberty to use it unwisely. You know, I  gotta lot of things to do these days. Well, I'm back! Don't know for how long actually, but I'm gonna give my self a favor of doing some art again. I thought I'm gonna start of with a self portrait. I start off by drawing outline in Illustrator with pen tool with 'charcoal pencil' brush, 1px to 2px diameter. Then saved it and open it in Photoshop for coloring. I've posted this in my FB and my friends thought this is an anime character that just looked like me. Well glad to hear that I still got it. =)

Me6, Self Potrait
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