Neo Artwork - Favorite Outfit (4 Pics)

Now this suppose to be me with the latest haircut in my favorite jacket and scarf. I actually had a mirror in front of me for this artwork, but it turns out that it doesn't look like me at all. Seems that I need more practices and references.

Jacket5, Fav Jacket

As usual I started of by doing the outline. Then I did some details on the scarf. The pattern is actually from the 'fill' tool in Photoshop, and I added the calligraphy and the picture on the scarf.
Jacket2, Fav Jacket

Afterwards I did the coloring.
Jacket3, Fav Jacket

Now, notice that this picture is flipped horizontally? This is the point when I realize that I was looking at the mirror as reference for my face, and my hair was a reflection as well. I need to change the calligraphy on the scarf as well.Finally add the background image and add blur effect to finish the artwork.
Jacket5, Fav Jacket


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